The Xelera Suite Acceleration Platform

Xelera Suite is the underlying software development framework that powers all our products.


Multi-thread, multi-queue and cache-optimized software.

Cluster management

Dynamic scale-out / scale-up and hardware accelerator discovery.

Hardware independence

A single software interface for different hardware platforms.

High-performance network

A DPDK-based stack for high-speed network and baseband functions.

Xelera Suite

Enterprises and service providers are increasingly challenged to adapt to rapid data/throughput growth and real-time processing requirements in data centers, public clouds, and edge servers. The Xelera Suite platform is a latency- and throughput-optimized software stack that integrates hardware accelerators from multiple vendors, among other features. Xelera Suite is a hardware-independent, on-demand, scalable acceleration platform, which can boost the data throughput of computational tasks or reduce the latency of real-time applications to microseconds. Xelera Suite is the underlying software framework for all Xelera products. The software is operational in multiple public clouds as well as in data center and edge cloud installations.

Energy-efficient data centers

Data centers and the cloud, the workhorses of the world's digital infrastructure, contain hundreds of thousands of compute servers. Overall, servers and cooling systems contribute the most to direct power consumption in data centers. As the total Internet traffic continues to grow, as does the number of Internet-based applications, concerns about data center energy consumption have increased in recent years. The Xelera Suite acceleration software ensures that these tasks are offloaded to accelerator cards. These accelerators provide more compute capacity at a lower electrical power consumption. They boost the energy efficiency of data center servers and can substantially reduce TCO.

Xelera Suite powers Open RAN

Xelera has joined the O-RAN Alliance as a contributing member. The alliance is a consortium of telecom operators and suppliers to build open radio access network (RAN) technology more cost effective and agile based on vendor-neutral, general-purpose platforms. This is particularly important for 5G. In Open RAN, datacenter/cloud-native environments, hardware acceleration and telcotechnology converge. With experience in all three areas, Xelera has decided to join the Alliance.

Xelera Suite provides accelerator discovery, configuration and management, API concurrency and parallelism, offload capabilities, multi-device support and hardware independence as specified in the Acceleration Abstraction Layer (AAL) by the O-RAN Alliance.

Stay tuned! We are working hard on new solutions

Xelera Suite is the foundation for our vertical solutions in network technology, cyber security and Open RAN.

May 2020

Launch of
Xelera Silva

Xelera Silva provides best-in-class throughput and latency for XGBoost, LightGBM and CatBoost inference.

July 2021

Launch of
Xelera Net

Xelera Net is a SmartNIC/DPU software for high-bandwidth network security functions.

April 2023

2nd Gen
Xelera Net

Full IPsec SmartNIC offload at 2x100Gbps line speed.

June 2024

Upgrade of Xelera Silva

Major upgrade of Xelera Silva setting new standards in ultra-low latency AI inference.