High-Bandwidth Network Security

Xelera Secure Networks is a software platform which accelerates IPsec, TLS, and DDoS detection applications.

High performance

High network bandwidth  and low latency.


Lower expenditures than dedicated appliances.

Turn-key solution

Seamless integration and management system.

Wide applicability

On-premises and cloud deployment are possible.

Up to 10x higher aggregate throughput

Xelera Secure Networks is a high-performance software suite which provides network security functions with high bandwidth and low latency. The software suite runs on data center and public cloud servers. Networks with security capabilities are often limited in bandwidth and scalability. Xelera Secure Networks eliminates these performance bottlenecks and provides up to 200Gbps network bandwidth.

The IPsec accelerator, a part of the software suite, provides 10x higher aggregate throughput compared to conventional IPsec software systems. It achieves this by offloading the computationally demanding parts to accelerators, which are available as standard on-premises hardware and in the public cloud.

Secure Network Suite

The Xelera Secure Network Suite provides multiple high-speed network security functions built on a performance-optimized data plane processing framework. The accelerator is deployed as a turnkey system. It emulates standard network interfaces in the host system in order to integrate seamlessly with third-party software software.

IPsec Accelerator
High-speed IPsec.
Reduction of CPU cores.
DDoS Detection
Low latency packet and flow inspection.
TLS Offload
High-bandwidth TLS.
Reduction of CPU cores.
Accelerating nextgeneration VPNs.



The Xelera Secure Networks software takes the performance bottlenecks out of network security. It offers a performance range from 10 Gbps to 200 Gbps bandwidth. The software-only accelerator runs on COTS servers and uses the AES-NI extensions in standard CPUs. The high-end version of the accelerator scales up to 2x100G Ethernet with the transparent use of server-class hardware accelerators such as FPGAs.


The software is deployed on COTS server hardware either bare-metal or in virtualized/ containerized environments. It runs in datacenters and cloud environments. The acceleration software provides an optional high-speed interface to the Linux Kernel Network Stack or works as a full Kernel bypass. The  software is managed through an API-controlled configuration interface.