Data Processing Unit Software

Xelera Net is a SmartNIC software which accelerates IPsec, TLS, and DDoS detection applications.

High performance

2x100 Gbps network bandwidth and low latency.

Full offload

Complete data plane offload to SmartNIC hardware.

High integration

Seamless integration and management system.

High efficiency

TCO savings: Freeing up CPUs for other applications.  

DPU software for 2x100 Gbps network throughput

Data-centric applications are driving exponential growth in network traffic. The CPU-intensive network encryption that accompanies rapidly increasing network throughput is straining traditional data centers. Xelera Net is a Data Processing Unit (DPU) software which accelerates the IPsec network security function and eliminates the performance bottlenecks of servers performing security tasks on 100GbE networks: Xelera Net offloads IPsec to SmartNICs and delivers a 2x100Gbps IPsec bandwidth. Running on AMD Alveo™ accelerator cards, it provides a turn-key SmartNIC solution

In addition to the Inline Accelerator, Xelera Net includes a pure software-based IPsec accelerator which does not require additional accelerator hardware. The software-based accelerator saturates 10G network links.

Network Acceleration Suite

The Xelera Net Suite provides multiple high-speed network security functions built on a performance-optimized data plane processing framework. The accelerator is deployed as a turnkey system. It emulates standard network interfaces in the host system in order to integrate seamlessly with third-party software software.

IPsec Accelerator
High-speed IPsec.
Reduction of CPU cores.
DDoS Detection
Low latency packet and flow inspection.
TLS Offload
High-bandwidth TLS.
Reduction of CPU cores.
Accelerating nextgeneration VPNs.



The Inline Accelerator provides simultaneous 100Gbps IPsec encryption plus 100Gbps IPsec decryption (including the software API, driver and the hardware). The performance is sustained for up to 16k IPsec sessions.


The DPDK-enabled Xelera Secure Networks software is deployed on PCIe-attached Xilinx Alveo™ datacenter acceleration and smartNIC hardware. The hardware is reused for different applications besides IPsec.

Full Offload

The Xelera Net Inline Accelerator offloads the compute-intensive IPsec security and network functions on the fast-path to the hardware accelerator, freeing up all the CPU cores for other applications.

Software Integration

Xelera Net provides a software API for the IPsec ESP protocol at line-rate. It interfaces with third-party IPsec key exchange tools (such as strongSwan) or its own IKEv2 software.