About us

Bridging the gap between between applications and advanced processor technologies

Xelera is a specialist in the implementation, deployment and operation of hardware accelerator technology in cloud-native and data centre environments. We accelerate business-critical applications using high-speed telecommunication and enterprise networks, data analytics, machine learning and cyber security functions. Accelerators can boost the energy efficiency of servers and substantially reduce costs.


Meet the team

Felix Winterstein
Co-Founder, CEO
Andrea Suardi
Co-Founder, Head of Acceleration Technology
Alexander Lange
Co-Founder, Head of Software Engineering
Andreas Duffner
Co-Founder, COO
Stefan Seitz
Software Architect
Christoph Kappelt
Acceleration Engineer
Christian Lange
Software Engineer
Julian Käuser
Acceleration Engineer
Mathilde Maury
Software Engineer
Nils Hesse
Software Engineer
Christoph Goertz
Principal Consultant
Minh Quang Tran
Crypto Analytics Engineer

Over the years we received awards from institutions that trust in us


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