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Our software is applied in differents markets, such as cyber security and enterprise network security, Open RAN, and cross-vertical edge computing, data center and cloud technology.


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Cyber Security and Network Security

Cyberattacks are increasing at a rapid pace, and enterprise IT systems are becoming more vulnerable due to increasingly distributed and networked work. Automated cyberattack detection and network security assurance through encryption are imperative. Xelera Suite ensures that compute-intensive, next-generation machine learning-based firewalls and compute-intensive encryption for secure network connections can operate at the required data throughput. The data throughput required is constantly growing. Xelera enables enterprises to transition to next-generation cybersecurity systems and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) deployments.

Radio Access Networks

Industry consortia such as the O-RAN Alliance are specifying and leading the development of an open radio access network (Open RAN). The goal is to develop a more cost-effective and flexible RAN based on vendor-neutral, universally deployable platforms to reduce the dependency on single vendors and proprietary appliances. Since throughput, latency, and power consumption are critical design criteria for the demanding RAN processing, the commodity server hardware is augmented with hardware accelerators (such as FPGAs, GPUs, and ASICs). The Xelera Suite provides an Open RAN solution on vendor-independent hardware and truly open accelerator interfaces.

Data Center and Public Cloud

Continuous data analytics are used to support data-driven business processes. These processes typically run on large server clusters in the backend of centralized data centers or clouds. Accelerators such as GPUs, FPGAs, and AI ASICs are already a critical technology in many data center and cloud workloads. Xelera Suite brings the power of compute-efficient accelerator technology to commercial applications by ensuring efficient and secure plug-and-play deployment in the data center and cloud. Xelera Suite helps meet requirements for lowest latency and highest data rates. It reduces data center power consumption and data center operating costs.

Edge Computing

To minimize the latency of data transmission and to provide more data locality, servers are being moved closer to the end devices (cars, cell phones, industrial machines, etc.). This is currently being done firstly by setting up cloud resources within the network structures of telecommunications providers or even through servers directly at the base transceiver stations. In summary, this type of new cloud generation is referred to as edge cloud. The development of the 5G mobile standard is driving the evolution of dge cloud computing. Acceleration technology is mission-critical: it enables service providers to cope with the increasing demand for latency-critical applications.


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