April 19, 2023
May 30, 2023

2nd Generation of the Xelera Net SmartNIC Software

Today at the Open Compute Project Summit in Prague, Xelera is introducing the second generation of Xelera Net SmartNIC software to continue the momentum of the company’s network infrastructure offload solutions. Data-centric applications are driving exponential growth in network traffic. CPU-intensive network functions, such as encryption, that accompany rapidly increasing network throughput are straining traditional data centers. Xelera Net is a Data Processing Unit (DPU) software which accelerates network security functions, such as IPsec, and eliminates the performance bottlenecks of servers performing security tasks on 100GbE networks: Xelera Net offloads IPsec to AMD AlveoTM SmartNIC hardware and delivers a 100Gbps full-duplex IPsec bandwidth.

Xelera Net SmartNIC frees up valuable server resources that would otherwise be used for compute-intensive infrastructure tasks such as network encryption, significantly reducing cloud infrastructure costs. In addition to its full-offload capability, Xelera Net offers a turnkey SmartNIC solution that does not require customers to develop the SmartNIC software themselves, allowing for rapid time-to-market. Both features were the reason for several customer wins in 2022.

The second generation of Xelera Net SmartNIC offers the following enhancements:

* Performance enhancements: Full-offload capability ensures consistent high performance for a large number of IPsec sessions.

* In-system upgrades: Different network functions can be seamlessly plugged in and out on a single hardware platform, providing a single platform for accelerating a variety of different network accelerators.

* Highly customizable VLAN support: Users can configure advanced traffic selection and packet forwarding with extensive VLAN support in mind.

* Punting channel for arbitrary user traffic: Users can set forwarding rules for traffic that bypasses network encryption and is forwarded to the host.  

Xelera will start shipping the new version of Xelera Net SmartNIC in Q2/2023.