Password auditing at the forefront of technology

Password auditing and pentesting are crucial techniques to strengthen the security of enterprise IT systems. These techniques require the computation of very large numbers of password hashes, taking days or weeks to complete. Xelera Secra runs on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware. It releases the potential of the most recent datacenter-grade FPGA accelerators to perform hash computations at an unprecedented speed. The software offloads all computationally demanding tasks of the processing chain to energy-efficient FPGA accelerators.

High performance

Full hardware acceleration of hash computations.

Low entry barrier

From flexible pay-as-you-go to fixed-license installations.

Energy efficiency

Save electrical power and reduce energy.


Manageable via single user interface.

Easy-to-use, high-performance hash computation

Additional feature: Hash Format Compiler

Secra supports standard cryptographic hash algorithms, ciphers, as well as authentication methods of operating systems, network protocols, and database systems. Brute-force, password list, and hybrid modes are supported. The software provides full hardware acceleration for all formats.

The Hash Format Compiler is an add-on module to Xelera Secra. It enables the creation of non-standard, user-defined hash formats. The user creates custom hash formats from standard components. The tool compiles the user-defined design for execution on FPGA accelerators.

Up to 75% better energy efficiency than GPU-based systems

Xelera Secra offloads all computationally demanding tasks of the processing chain to energy-efficient FPGA accelerators. This provides better performance-per-Watt ratios than GPU-based systems.

Application areas


Pentesting simulates an attack in order to harden the security of IT systems. A cryptographic analysis with high-performance password hash computations is a frequently used technique in pentesting applications. The software integrates seamlessly into pentesting workflows through the dashboard or the API.

Password Auditing

Password auditing scans IT systems in order to assess the strength of passwords. High-performance password hash computations are a central part of password auditing systems. Xelera Secra integrates into auditing workflows through the dashboard or the API for 20+ programming languages.